Modern information and communications technologies offer opportunities to not only consume information but also participate actively in global, evolving, and collective information ecosystems. To engage fruitfully in such spaces, participants must be able to express, challenge, and justify ideas through a variety of media. This competition challenges students to develop these skills by (re)presenting ideas developed at Georgia State, translating what they know into engaging, powerful, border-crossing, and thought-provoking multimedia.

Expanded Checkout

We've just made a tremendous investment in checkout technology to make your digital dreams come true. Whether you want to create a documentary, an interactive learning object, or an engaging e-text, we've got hardware and software to get the job done. Our expansive inventory includes video and still cameras, GoPros, Wacom tablets, computers, iPads, Surfaces, Kindles, green screens, lighting kits, and so much more.

Our checkout program is currently on hold while we prepare our checkout kits to make them ready for you and update our checkout system. But stay tuned. Checkout resumes Fall Semester 2014. Stop by and explore the possibilities.

Student Innovation

Do you have great ideas? Let an Innovation Fellow help you realize them. Do you want great ideas? Chat with an Innovation Fellow and see what happens. Innovation Fellows are paid to find ways to test the potentials of emerging technologies and instructional techniques. They can help instructors and researchers with a variety of tasks, including eLearning content production, software training and troubleshooting, data visualization, and much more.

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