Unit 2 Assignment 1: Search Engines

When conducting this assignment I decided to search for the results of kids and weight lifting. The three individual search engines I chose were Yahoo, Google, and Bing. They all had very similar top five results but rearranged in different orders. For example, the article from Mayo Clinic was number 4 on Yahoo’s list and fell in at number 3 on both Google and Bing searches. When looking at the meta-search engines, both Dogpile and Webcrawler had identical top five results, and similar results to the three non-meta search engines. These similarities indicate that Dogpile and Webcrawler probably use Google, Yahoo, and Bing as their top search engines. IXquick however, had a completely different top five from all the other search engines. This most likely a cause from IXquick utilizing different search engines and policies than Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Attached is the table for my search results in more detail.

Search String: Kids AND “Weight Lifting”

Search Results – kids and weight lifting