The Final Moments

Dear John Lewis, 

Finishing your book left me with mixed emotions. Everything seemed as if it was going downhill when Jimmie Lee Jackson and Malcolm X passed away and being assassinated; I couldn’t imagine the shock of two people who just were what they believed was right for everyone and had done it with no violent intentions as well. After that, Bloody Sunday occurred, the irony of all of the peaceful protestors kneeling and suddenly being violently attacked by the guards on the bridge showed the true hate some people can have. I was in awe when you continued to give it your all, despite the obstacles that had been thrown at you. It was also very shocking to see you leave SNCC because you no longer agreed with what their new message was

 I really enjoyed the little flashbacks of meeting President Obama because of what it symbolized; to never give up. All the hardships that you had gone through were worth it. The images made it feel more real and intense during the Bloody Sunday scenes. It was made that way to make the reader understand the pain and determination that everyone went through. You wanted to convey how in the end, its all worth it. The fight for one’s rights never truly ends, because we’re still fighting for them today. To fight this; people must be informed and not left in the dark about injust circumstances. To get solutions done, people have to come together


Carmen Guzman

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