The purpose of the Chemistry Graduate Student Association is to promote the interaction of graduate students with each other and faculty members of the Department. We assist members in the adjustment and orientation to program requirements, address graduate student concerns with the Graduate Director, Associate Graduate Director, or Graduate Coordinator, organize events and/or meetings promoting graduate research, involve students in academic and social events within the Department, and provide a smooth transition for students as they move into their graduate careers.


Graduate students within the Department who are currently enrolled in a Chemistry Masters or Chemistry Doctoral degree are eligible for membership in the CGSA. This membership does not require any due nor does it require any registration, because every currently enrolled Graduate student is an understood member of the CGSA. Members may be Ph.D. or Master’s students associated with a research lab, or Master’s students not associated with any research lab pursuing the non-thesis track. Membership in the CGSA does not take into consideration race, color, creed, nationality, sex, disability or sexual orientation.