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a picture of the exchange

The Exchange, as it existed long, long ago

Once upon a time, there was a place called the Exchange. It was in what most people thought was the basement of Library South. I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that – even I blame the basement-ness for the Vitamin D deficiency that I suffered last year. Everyone called me Rickets for a while. Anyway, despite the dungeon feel of the physical space, the Exchange was where faculty could get help with just about anything, and (we hope) people felt like they were a part of a community of learners, all excited about the convergence of technologies that surround learning. As such, the Exchange was actually a pretty exciting place for a college campus.

The people of the Exchange still exist, and the ethos of the space is what guides the CII even still as we continue our consolidation with Perimeter College. We are a space and a group that celebrate the possible, and when we find people that are similarly-minded, we like to introduce them to others, we like them to exchange their ideas with each other (hence the former name). This semester we are stepping this celebration up a bit, as we reopen our space in Library South this spring.

rendering of new CII entrance on Decatur StreetWe would like to cordially invite you to join us in discussion with the instructors that we think are changing the face of Georgia State University across all of its campuses. We’re calling this our Innovative Instructor Series. Basically, each week, starting next week, we’ll bring in an instructor (or panel of instructors), to talk about how they are building out innovative learning opportunities for their students. The first few weeks we’ll be hosting these talking in Classroom South 401, but as soon as we are physically allowed in the new space, we’ll start hosting these talks in our space on the ground floor of Library South. With new windows, a direct entrance to Decatur Street, and an open airy arrangement, we are no longer the basement, and with an innovative classroom space as one of the hallmark features of the center, you will not only get a great discussion in a space built just for GSU instructors, you’ll also get a preview of all of the services available to you in the CII.

We’re excited!

We do hope that you will join us this semester as we celebrate those that we respect, and as we celebrate a space that is devoted to helping instructors help students. It’s just the beginning, but we look forward to the future we can all create here at GSU as we come together to exchange ideas, skills, and our shared passion for learning.

For a full list of speakers, including a link to register, please click here. And we hope that you share this invitation with all of your colleagues. Thank you.