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In case you missed it, Tableau Day was this past Friday in Curve, and we were very pleased with how everything went. The large crowd was able to hear about how not only Tableau, but also data visualization in general, can help to simplify complex information, from which students and researchers can more easily ask and answers questions.

If you did miss the event, but would like to know more about how Tableau can help you, faculty and staff can feel free to stop by the Exchange for some one on one help, students can also come by Curve for help, and if you’d like to tap into the university’s data warehouse, get in touch with Decision Support Services.

While celebrating this successful event is important, what’s more important for the future of the data viz user group is that our first meeting is scheduled for October 10, at 11AM in Curve. This meetup will come on the heels of a seminar on using data visualization in your classroom, which you can sign up for here. We’re very excited to get together for our first meeting, and hope to see you there!