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Do you want to conduct an online meeting on the go?  Blackboard Collaborate is Georgia State University’s online meeting platform.  In a previous post we discussed how you can enhance your course with this useful collaboration tool by conducting online class meetings and office hours or setting up collaboration spaces for student project groups.  In this post, we’d like to introduce the suite of mobile apps that Blackboard offers for attending and conducting online meetings, so that you can meet virtually anywhere where you have a wifi connection.

There are three flavors: an iOS app, an Android app, and a Kindle Fire app.  The apps provide nearly full-featured access to the Collaborate platform.  You can interact through text and audio, view the whiteboard and shared applications, and participate in breakout rooms.

Blackboard Collaborate



If you would like help getting started with one of the Blackboard Collaborate apps on your mobile device or you would like an introduction to the Blackboard Collaborate platform, contact the Exchange.  We’d love to help.