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Midterm Question
My question regarding the midterm is what exactly does it consist of? What parts of the project are we turning in? (More)
Mid-term Conference Question
What exactly will we be discussing? Is it an evaluation of our work or a conference to discuss how I can better my work or both? Should I bring any materials to the meeting? Regardless, I am looking forward to the conference! (More)
Unit 2 Readings Discussion Question
For Group 1’s reading, are there any specific examples that show how the architecture of the environment has been deliberate to segregate the area? (More)
Unit 2 Question
My question about my readings is why is excluding people from public things legal? For example, if someone were to, say, build a barricade to their door, is that not illegal? (More)
Unit 2 Readings
For the unit two readings, is it possible that one of our little ra's be formed as a connection to one of the other group's readings? I feel as though there are possible connections that can be made and I just wanted to make sure. (More)
family relations
My family is great when it comes to caring. I have two groups of children. There are the younger kids and the grown ups. The adult children are living by themselves, and they find it difficult to stay with us because  my wife and will  want to guard (More)
Syllabus Quiz
Reading Annotations:||Annotations|0 Annotated Bibliography: More)
Question about built environment
Are we doing our built environment project over the same area that our groups for the annotated bibliography are doing? (More)
Built Environment Question
Can we use virtual maps to bring geographical information to the project? (More)
SOS: Built Environment Description
The link for the list of eligible sites we can visit for the project goes to a "404 Not Found", what are the sites? Are they the same as the ones we have listed for our annotated bibliographies? More)
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