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Mid-Term Question
Are we able to go back and do old quizzes and old extra credit suggestions for extra points? And what exactly will be discussed in these meetings? (More)
SOS - Mid-Term Conference Question
What is a mid-term conference and why are we doing it? (More)
My experience as a Marta bus driver in Atlanta
Serving the public takes a lot of patience and discipline, especially in large city like Atlanta. To be a successful in public service career such as bus driver, security, etc, one needs to have an intensive training on how to serve the public.  Arou (More)
Unit 2 Readings Question
For the second readings, I do not really have any questions in particular. If we read further into the article, would it be okay if we annotated some of the information beyond the two sections we had to read? (More)
Mid-Term Conference
For some of the past projects, such as the BED, is it possible for me to go in and do some extra revision to try and achieve a higher grade? Or is this the grade that I have for that project and just need to fix those lacking areas in the next one? (More)
Summary on Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment by Sarah Schindler
Sarah Schindler wrote an article in the Yale law journal that gives an in depth look into physical segregation used  by architects to subliminally (or not) segregate richer white communities from the poorer minority groups. In section (1A) Sarah open (More)
academic blogs.. "twitter blabbing"
In this academic blog the author is trying to convey to people that get on social media (especially twitter) that twitter is a beautiful place for philosophers and witters to open up and express there self in social media to impact others. The  downf (More)
Mid-Term Conference Questions
How can I improve my citations for Unit 2? I had a little trouble breaking down the information and completely understanding what the readings were trying to convey because I have no previous experience with rhetoric. Also, I figured that because of (More)
Mid-Term Conference Question
With your current experiences with my writing, what do you think I should focus on to improve my writing both technically and communicatively that will make my writing more effective? (More)
Midterm Question
Since the conference are individual, are the midterm also catered towards the individual as well? As in everyone gets a different midterm? (More)
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