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summary of Recognizing Campus Landscapes as Learning Spaces by: Kathleen G Scholl, Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi
More and more students are going to school. By 2019, enrollments are expected to rise 9% for students under age 25, and rise 23% for students over the age of 25 (Snyder & Dillow, 2011).Today's American campuses are expected to reflect an academic (More)
Midterm Meeting Notes
Our House Project Q&A: With this section, I felt the most lost before this meeting. Every other group seems to have a very clear idea of what they're doing-- and actively working on those deliverables. I was worried that we may not have control o (More)
For our conference my concerns were really on how to get back on track with points so my question was: What can I do to get extra points? How can I stay on track?     (More)
Midterm Meeting Question
How will the points and review for our final projects be decided if our group only creates one deliverable? (More)
Mid-term Conference Question
What aspects do I need to improve on my reading annotations for me to get a better grade on them? (More)
Unit 2 Reading Questions
How many colleges are currently using green space effectively for student learning, and why aren't more doing it? Why are colleges spending more and more money on student recreation centers than on learning and education centers? Article: http://l (More)
Midterm Conference Qustions
Am I on track currently with the number of points I have? How can I come up with my idea for the Built Environment Analysis? Are there any tips that can help me? When should I start thinking about the Built Environment Analysis? (More)
Mid-Term Conference
Questions for Dr. Wharton: I want to make some emergency procedure signage for Our House, but I don't want to just use a sample floor plan or map. Is there software or an application that I could use to create the map/floor plan? If i have fall (More)
Midterm Meeting Question
Am I track points wise? (More)
Conference Question
What should I do to improve my grade in the class? How can I improve my grades on previously submitted projects? (More)
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