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The Paradox of Prideful Shame
In the About South podcast episode, "To Atlanta, with love," Dr. Calinda Lee discussed her ideas of preserving and representing public history, specifically in Atlanta. An important topic she introduced was the sense of guilt descendants of conf (More)
Erasure and Power
The United States and England share a complex history that involves embracing the several cultures within them while simultaneously attempting to erase those same cultures when it is most convenient. Some feel that complete integration is needed whil (More)
Martin Luther King, Jr.
In the interview with Brian Ward, He talks about some reasons as to why King would travel all the way to Newcastle despite his busy life. One of the reasons that was given by Dr. Caison that Ward agreed with is that perhaps he just needed a change a (More)
Black and British
In the first episode of Black and British: A Forgotten History, the true past of Britain and some of its first black settlers is revealed and honored. From Beachy Head Lady, Francis Barber, to John Blanke, David Olusoga takes the audience on a tour t (More)
Public History & Memory in Atlanta
In November 2018 Stacey Abrams ran for governor. Why does this matter?? Well, she could be the first black and female governor of Georgia. In order to make more people aware of this exciting time, a local artist painted a mural of her in a small Edge (More)
Public Re-memory, Black & British
In all honesty, up until now I never really thought much about what a person of color's experience might be in Britain. Yes, I, of course, knew that people of color did, in fact, exist in Britain, but I never really acknowledged the fact that just li (More)
Ireland & The U.S. South
"A very old place" That is how Kieran Quinlan describes both Ireland and the southern part of the United States. I just find it interesting. Old not as in dates, but old as in thinking; old as in the mindset. If there is one thing that I have n (More)
The Role of England in Clotel
England plays multiple roles in Clotel The most important role would be a "mother." When I say, mother, I mean as in England created (birthed) America. Even before America was America it referred to England as like a mother. This can be see (More)
Picturing Douglass
When thinking back to when slavery was prominent in the U.S. , one's self "image" is something that doesn't ever come to mind. When someone is thinking of all the horrors and suffering that was happening, I feel a person wouldn't have time to think o (More)
The Unseen Dr. Martin Luther King
Forgetfulness is a common human foible effecting how historical figures are remembered and imagined. Their cosmic presence and specific cause related influence often eclipse their unaltered fons et origo. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was many things - (More)
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