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Last Straw
Dear Congressman Lewis,       The final stretch of “ March: Book Three” really brought the overall message to light. I read about Bloody Sunday and Turnaround Tuesday. This portion of the book also focused on the death of many parti (More)
The Final Goodbye
Dear John Lewis, What it looks like when Black people unite. As I finished reading the final pages to your (More)
Voting Rights Act was signed! #JohnLewis #March
Dear Mr. Lewis, Car with broken window from bullet While reading pages 173-246 and finishing your book MARCH altogether, many (More)
Will This Ever End?
Dear Mr. John Lewis, After reading my third set of pages in your book, there are no words to describe the amount of anger I feel. The topics that are addressed in this book are heavy and real but they still to anger every ounce of my being. I (More)
Thank You, Mr. Lewis.
Dear John Lewis, In reading the final pages of your book, I felt an immense feeling sadness. Your passion and perseverance showed through your decision to march even though the SNCC did not agree. You were    beaten mercilessly and ev (More)
Dear Mr. John Lewis, This is McKenna Boler and I am a freshman at Georgia State University and my English 1101 class just had our final March book club meeting. Prior to this we read the last pages of the third book in the trilogy. In the last pag (More)
Racial Injustice.
Dear Mr. John Lewis, Before reading your book, “MARCH,” my knowledge of the Birmingham shooting was very minimal. I gathered only the basics of this significant historical event but never took the time to dig deeper until now. You see, I never que (More)
Final "MARCH" book club response
Dear John Lewis,  In these final pages of the book you divide into what are some of the most memorable events of the civil rights movement, such as, the horrific B (More)
Dear John Lewis, John Lewis embracing President Obama I finished reading Ma (More)
Future Generations
Dear John Lewis,  The idea for the Selma-To-Montgomery March was very impressive and well planned. It was remarkable to read about your persistence of trying to get the SNCC to be apart of the march. It was even more significant when you deci (More)
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