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Dear John Lewis,  The last few pages begin with the shooting of Jimmie Lee Jackson and the assassination of Malcom X. As this book progressed, it became very apparent how the retaliation for their movement was creating a lot of grief and tens (More)
March #4
Dear John Lewis, When reading the closing section of your book we saw the final parts of the civil right movement and the perseverance you had to be able to accomplish your goals. In this section we see the nighttime march for James Orange after the (More)
The Final Review
Dear Mr. Lewis,   Sadly, your book has now come to an end. You ended the final chapter by bringing up a few events. You brought up the peaceful protest that occurred outside the city jail in which the police abruptly showed up and turned e (More)
Never Back Down
Dear John Lewis,  After finishing the book, I realized I knew the history we were taught from the text books and the facts but not the true emotion and violence that tookplace during this time period. I am glad we read this book because it wa (More)
A Step In The Right Direction
Dear John Lewis, In these final pages of MARCH, you showed the last stretch of the civil rights movement and your place in it: a man with a goal for justice. You showcased the nighttime march for James Orange after the rallying by C.T. Vivian--whi (More)
The Final Steps
The final pages of March start tragically with the beating, shooting, and subsequent death of Jimmie Lee Jackson. The tragedies continue with the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X. At Malcolm's funeral, the idea of the titular march to M (More)
The Last MARCH
Dear John Lewis, Reading MARCH has made me really reconsider what I knew about the civil rights movement. I had learned about it in school but looking back it was a very watered down version of everything that had happened. Their were so many peop (More)
The March from Selma to Montgomery
Dear John Lewis, In the reading from the pages 174-246, I came to learn all about the events that surrounded the march from Selma to Montgomery, following the brutal murder of Jimmy lee Jackson, a participant in the protest of the arrest of an SCl (More)
Farewell, John Lewis.
Dear John Lewis, Leaving my first english class of my college experience, we must also end the experience with the findings and the message of your book. On December 4, Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. After more and more marches were p (More)
The Final Moments
Dear John Lewis,  Finishing your book left me with mixed emotions. Everything seemed as if it was going downhill when Jimmie Lee Jackson and Malcolm X passed away and being assassinated; I couldn't imagine the shock of two people who just wer (More)
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