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Perspective Drawings
Also, for project two, I had to create one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and aerial perspective views by using a different medium. I decided I wanted to do an alleyway for my one-point perspective, a stone wall bedroom for a two-point pe (More)
Compassion Posters
For this project, I had to create two 11x17 inches hand-cut collage posters with text added digitally that was also a public service announcement that encouraged compassion to a group of people. I choose to focus on compassion for sexual abuse vi (More)
SAVED (Intro Studio Project III) This is my final version of my dream project. It is deep and kind of jumpy. I remade the ending of the story to make it more dramatic and un (More)
Prompt 4
Drawing dreams
These are my first sketch (More)
Compassion Poster
This is my poster about Georgia State University's counseling center which helps students get rid of negative energy. Compassion Poster 2 More)
Self-Portrait Collage
Title - Sweet Portrait Medium - Mixed Media September 15, 2021 For this piece I wanted to see how my professional-adult-photo would look l (More)
Self Portrait Collage
Hello! My names is DeVon Gates. I am currently attending Georgia State University with the intention of earning my Bachelors in Art. From the time I first learned to pick up a pencil, I've always loved drawing and being creative. I've always wanted (More)
Dream Drawings
Dream drawings required me to recreate scenes of my dreams in one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and atmospheric perspective. (More)
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