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Indulgance in Equality
When we visited "La Boca", I saw a same-sex couple having a picnic, surrounded by impeccably and profoundly beautiful art, so I couldn't resist to take them a (More)
Injustice is everyone's problem.
Yesterday, we visited Che Guevara's childhood home. Here is a picture of one of my favorite quotes displayed on the walls there: "No creo que seamos parient (More)
  Upon coming to La Perla, what stood out the most to me was the holding room for captives. 500 - 600 people were held in this one small room, (More)
Today, after a fabulous lunch, some of us went to the art museum. One of the rooms had an exhibit of paintings and drawings which depicted the experience of (More)
Never judge a book by the cover (LIFE)
We have visited a numerous amount of memory sites since coming to Argentina. However, El Olimpo (in the picture above), gave light to the reality of the horrors (More)
Beyond the Blindfolds
Kidnapped people were often blindfolded at the secret detention centers. But some of them could peek from beneath their blindfolds. They also relied on other senses. The smell of whisky on their captors' breath. The sound of ping pong ball. The f (More)
The mothers of the plaza
On Thursday May 26, we were fortunate enough to march with the mothers of Plaza de Mayo. This experience completely validated for me how important the responsibility of the citizen truly is. These women have risked their lives to fight for justice an (More)
Women Rights Violated
Women are the mothers of humanity. They are the only ones who know about the pains of giving birth. Therefore, they always fight for human ri (More)
¿Dónde Están?
This is in honor of Señor Fernando. His story really inspired this and gave a different perspective on accounts that I've heard before. If possible, please sit down in a chair with your eyes closed and hands behind your back as someone reads the poem (More)
Every country comes with its diversity in culture, foods, religion, or tradition. In this post, I will talk about one appetizer which is a sp (More)
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