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Cool Tools: Word Lens
Folks who have attended our seminar on Teaching with iPads have heard me talk about the major benefits of mobile devices and how they relate to learning. Particularly, the characteristics include: Location awareness Remote engagement Continuo (More)
Who doesn't love a game about disease?
The spread of disease isn't just fun for zombie movies anymore, oh weary traveller! When it seems like the only epidemic we're seeing on TV is the spread of fear of Ebola, rather than an actual discussion of the disease and its spread, it seems (More)
Taming the Looming Grading Beast
With the optimism and re-invigorated spirit that comes with the start of a brand new semester, it’s a great time to add tools to your toolkit that can make your faculty life easier and keep a spring in your step. If you’ve ever gotten a bit (or (More)
How to Train Your Dragon
At the Exchange, we have a number of tools that can help you to create truly exceptional eLearning content.  I'd like to share one of the latest additions to our suite of tools, More)
quick tip - How you're using Photoshop wrong
Wow! How quickly we learn how little we know. Here's a great quick set of tips on how you could be (More)
Skype Translator
In the ever-rushing march of massive technological change, real-time voice translation is beginning to hit the mainstream market, and amazingly you can take part in it's development. Skype, venerable old online chat and messaging app owned by Microso (More)
VoiceThread - GSU's new tool for conversations in the cloud
This Spring, GSU is piloting a VoiceThread integration with Brightspace. VoiceThread is a digital discussion tool that is more personable and engaging than a traditional t (More)
Cool Tools: Swivl - Not just Lecture Capture, Conversation Capture
It seems like in the world of technology right now, you can't throw a rock without hitting a free option for More)
Cool Tools: Skype Public Beta of (near)Realtime Translator
Everybody is now bored with instant messaging and video conferencing. We all just text, right? Well, if the good folks from Microsoft and Skype have anythi (More)
Coggle: Beautiful, Collaborative Mindmapping Tool
Are your mindmaps getting a little stiff? If so, try Coggle a shiny, feature-heavy, cloud-based concept mapping tool. Here’s the low-down on this free app: Pricing Coggle Free Coggle Free is, well, free! (More)
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