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Compassion Poster #1
February 2021 I chose my first compassion poster off volunteering with the Panther Pantry. I got special approval to interview my friend Nic who I know worked wit (More)
Unit 4 Assignment 1: Halloween
Hello everyone, welcome back to my GSU blog. In this blog, I am gonna talk about Unit 4 Assignment 1 part 4. Which is to discuss the search results that I got from search Topic. My search Topic was Halloween for this Assignment. I am a huge fan of Ha (More)
Unit 2 Assignment 3
You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history term paper. Tool: Online presentation tools such as Prezi Reason: Will allow for effective presentation on an online platform for others to see Collect online resources for (More)
Creating Medication Card Masters (Pandemic Pivot Series)
by Dr. Lorrie Stewart-Torres ( Faculty Instructor ADN Pediatric Program, Georgia State University's Perimeter College Medication Card completion is one pharmacologic learning intervention given to nursing students. Medication (More)
The Importance of Stories: Narrative and Empathy during COVID-19 (Pandemic Pivot Series)
By Owen Cantrell ( As we sit in the face of over 100,000 deaths and nearly 25% unemployment in the United States, the problems of pedagogy are hard to think of as essential. It is often difficult to know what is happening and es (More)
Announcements // April 6 - 12
A few due date reminders for this week:  Choice Projects Your choice project is due by this evening, Sunday, April 5th Make sure you’ve reviewed the More)
Public History & Memory in Atlanta
For this fifth assignment, we're considering questions of public memory and history here in Atlanta. The photo above was taken on the Bell Building (More)
Announcements // March 30 - April 5
I hope the break gave you time to rest, reorient, and take care of yourselves and your families.  Before we launch back into the course, if you haven’t already, take a moment to read the previous announcement regarding the mid-semester update (More)
Public Re-Memory
For your fourth post, we're re-examining British history and public memory through a careful examination of the intersection between Black identity and British identity. Together, our readings and viewings will help us think through the complex relat (More)
Imagining King
For this last post, we will read several sermons from late in King’s life and consider how these items from the late 1960s may complicate, nuance, or challenge some of the ways that King has been remembered in public memory since that time. We will a (More)
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