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Cool Atlanta Blog: Title Page
This is the front page of the website that welcomes "Atlanta" to the blog.  You can see a portion of the downtown area of the city from the view of the picture.  The picture doesn't show the more typical view of the skyline because they are trying to (More)
Department of Law Building
This angle of the Judicial building shows an old-time handrail and winter-stricken tree overseeing the entrance. The sunset beautifully complements the noble mood of the building.  Visible (More)
Front View of State Capital Building/ Statue
From this front view of the state capitol building, one of the many statues of notable figures of the South's fight in the Civil War. This particular soldier is Maj. Gen. John B. Gordon of (More)
Sign Outside State Capitol Building "Historic Ground"
This sign that stands outside of the state capital building of Georgia details the history of the land. Several people stopped to read it as they walked past the building. It helps visitor (More)
Downtown Connector 75/85 Digital Records
  Under The Overpass (video download) Here is a 19-second AVI video of the underside of the Downtown Connector (75/85). Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of concre (More)
CDC Images, Signage, and layout (Digital Built Environment)
Here’s a video that showcases the basic structure of the website. The website is broken up into drop-down menus, a giant banner, and diffe (More)
Second Built Environment Analysis - Extra
The City of Atlanta, Psychologically Impairing its Residents Different spaces and environments are equipped with specific features that psychologically change ones mood and behavioral characteristics. This is evident in the way we feel and function (More)
Build-In Description Sweet Auburn District
The day I decided to visit Sweet Auburn it was very cold. I walked from Piedmont Ave to Auburn Ave. As I walked down Auburn I saw a lot of abandon buildings and homeless people but also saw upcoming stores and restaurants trying to recreate Auburn li (More)
Interior Digital Record 3: Center for Civil and Human Rights
This statue is located near the rear of the museum. Each side of the statue includes a quote that can relate to both the ci (More)
Artifacts & Signage For King Plow Interior Site
  A rusted (apparently) metal sculpture in front of what looks like a metal door, a cog, and pipe. Notice the industrial style this (More)
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