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Sydney Davis's Academic Profile
Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to my fiercely driven and incredible partner Sydney Davis. Working with Sydney in the last week or so has been such a calming process especially when having such an easy going and flexible partner. Descri (More)
Emily Bergeon's Academic Profile
This piece was managed through text messages about Emily Bergeon’s academic self. Though out the whole process of asking questions and getting to know each other, she shared her plans, interests, and opinions. Emily is 18 years old, currently a senio (More)
Kirtan Subramaniam's Academic Self
Kirtan Subramaniam is a focused, curious, and resilient academic student. He is commented to school, and aspires to achieve in whatever he puts his mind to. When it comes to life, he is always up for a challenge and refuses to allow circumstances to (More)
Emma-Leigh Barfield: Academic Profile
This essay describes the academic journey of Emma Leigh-Barfield. Determinant, passionate, and self-aware are the three words to describe Emma’s academic and personal self. After receiving her first camera at just 8 years old Emma discovered a passio (More)
Sabria Hall Academic Profile
Hello class! My name is Hanah Feinstein, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Sabria Hall. Before I dive deep into my conversation with Sabria, I need to apologize to you, the reader. I need to apologize that you are only reading abo (More)
Academic Profile: Jada Dunn
Jada Dunn is a smart and ambitious 22-year-old sophomore currently attending Georgia State University. When describing herself academically, Jada is persistent, ambitious, and sometimes anxious. Jada is a native of the peach state, born at Dekalb Med (More)
Kaleb Lynum: Academic Profile
This is a photo of Kaleb. Through this assignment, I had the opportunity to meet Kaleb, a dual enr (More)
Major Project Ajoi & Shawnice
Shawnice’s Academic Self               Shawnice Tasher Academic Profile         Shawi (More)
Jaclyn: Academic Profile
            Jaclyn and I had an email interview where we learned about each other's lives and academic goals.  (More)
Getting To Know Ajoi's Academic self
Ajoi is eighteen years old and a freshman here at GSU, she described her college process as confusing. Ajoi explained how she struggled deciding if she even wanted to attend college in the first place. At a young age Ajoi always had her nose in a boo (More)
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