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Sydney's Research Project
Sydney Davis ENGL 1102 Professor Rebecca Weaver 4-27-21 Research paper on Will virtual learning takeover in person classes? Over years computers and other electronics have improved and increased in today’s world in many aspects. People (More)
Academic Profile: Juliona Ledbetter
Juliona is a currently a high-schooler, doing dual enrollment, who describes her academic self as: Passionate, ever-changing, and productive. She is a person that tries to take what she has learnt in the classroom and apply it to the outside world, a (More)
Lise Xu: Academic Profile
Hello everyone, and happy sixth week of the semester! Allow me to introduce one of our high school dual-enrollment students. I had the pleasure of getting to know Lise Xu and learning about her academic self. From the short amount of time I’ve known (More)
Molly Hamaan
   Introducing to you Miss Molly Hamaan Written by Sheila Dixon            This essay contains information from an interview with Molly (More)
Dagny Haim Academic Profile
Dagny and I got some time to know each other the past few days by email and texting back and forth, we started talking about many themes about each other and who we were as college students. Dangy was born in New York but she grew up in Georgia. She (More)
Pranav Chandiramani: Academic Profile
During this assignment, I had the opportunity to interview and connect with my classmate Pranav Chandiramani. While interviewing him, I learned many things about his academic self and personal life; it was fascinating to know him.  Pranav Cha (More)
Caitlyn Eukre Academic Profile
 I wrote this essay based on emails and text interviews about Caitlyn’s academic self. I had questionnaires on her educational background, pathway, and ultimate career goal.    Caitlyn took an economics class last summer, and this is (More)
Manasvi Gaddam: Academic Profile
A driven, flexible, and innovative student with determination and passion describes the academic profile of Manasvi Gaddam. Being a high school dual enrollment senior during a pandemic has had it’s challenges for Manasvi, but she is determined to pos (More)
Daniel Gonzalez: Academic Profile
In the past, it has been hard to communicate with peers in online courses. This project allowed me to get to know one of my classmates, Daniel Gonzalez. This is Daniel’s first year at Georgia State University, and he graduated from North Atlanta High (More)
Dominique Lawson Academic Profile
                                           Ms. Dominique Lawson- Georgia State University         This profile is (More)
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