Health and the Built Environment

Annotated Bibliography #10

Image found in article on Pacific Standard. The Summary/Evidence This picture shows a dilapidated street, that contains trash strewn across it. The picture illustrates a poor community that seems to be on the fringe of a city, due to the… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #8

mlamar2 [Mark Lamar]. “Annotated Bibliography Entry 5: Impacts of Our Built Environment on Public Health.” mlamar2’s Blog. 20 Feb. 2016. Web. 23 March 2016. The Summary and Evidence The blog post by Mark Lamar is an annotated bibliography that describes the impact… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #3: Health in the Elderly Community and the Built Environment

  Blay, Sergio L., Amy J. Schulz, and Graciela Mentz. “The Relationship Of Built Environment To Health-Related Behaviors And Health Outcomes In Elderly Community Residents In A Middle Income Country.” Journal Of Public Health Research 4.2 (2015): 135-141. Academic Search… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography #2: Modeling the Health Impacts of the Built Environment

Whitfield, Geoffrey P, and Arthur M Wendel. “Modeling Health Impacts Of The Transportation Built Environment: Challenges And Opportunities.” Journal Of Environmental Health 77.7 (2015): 36-37. MEDLINE with Full Text. Web. 3 Feb. 2016. This article, by Geoffrey P. Whitfield and… Continue Reading →

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