Differences and Similarities

I remember in high school, writing was very traditional. We would put pen on paper, and write about the book we had just read in class. In this class, I have not picked up a pencil at all. Everything is online and I am analyzing the architecture of various places. I do recognize looking for meanings behind certain things in high school, and I see that this class also contains that. I also feel like I have done more primary research in this class than all my other English classes combined, but I do not solely attribute that to this class. College in general is a bit more hands on than high school ever was.

The Work

Primary and secondary research can prove o be interesting. Doing primary research allows you to get first hand accounts, which provides a very different experience than researching something on a computer. Doing research can help give you ideas when you are writing by providing information on the topic. When it comes to the reading summaries, I will make sure to find better ways to integrate photos, and put captions to help readers while they read my work. I will use what I have learned concerning multi-modality to help enhance the experience of readers of my work.

The rhetorical situation we are addressing in our assignments is the rhetoric of the built environment. The rhetoric of the built environment include why certain areas are designed the way they are. I think that anyone looking for different viewpoints of the built environment would find the posts that we are making useful. Since we are all talking about the built environment, we could use information from other students posts to help build on our own work.

Using A Blog

The first difference I have seen with using a blog is the ability to add things such as captions and pictures. The blog makes it more personal and allows for us to make our posts more interesting for our readers. Since everything is customizable, I feel more freedom than when I am simply writing an essay.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I find that I am able to write clearly and concisely. I also can integrate multimedia into my posts pretty well. Some things I may need to work on are how to organize my posts with features such as captions. I have found doing the quizzes and turning in my work early as an easy way to earn extra points. So far, I am satisfied with the amount of work I am putting into this class.

The Future

In the future I may try different designs for my posts, such as different backgrounds or formats. My main focus will be better integration of multimedia in my various blog posts. I have learned that I need to find creative ways to integrate things other than pictures, such as videos or moving images.