You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)

The killer is someone within Biggie’s entourage. Death Row Records’ CEO, Marion “Suge” Knight, had been sent to prison a month earlier; there was a general feeling that hostilities between the major East Coast and West Coast rap labels were cooling and that the gun violence, which had climaxed with Tupac Shakur’s murder in Las Vegas six months earlier, might be at an end (RollingStone).

B.I.G.’s murder took place on the last day that he and Combs were to spend in Los Angeles. B.I.G. and Combs did not decide until that afternoon to attend the evening’s Vibe magazine party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.’s Miracle Mile District. The party would be a closed event for music-industry executives, Combs had been told; security would not be a problem (RollingStone). The one fear that Biggie had finally happened Sean Combs. Suge Knight was in prison at the time and it is amazing how only Biggie had to die and be shot and no one else in the SUV got away with not even a scratch. In most cases, the manager needs to sit in the passenger seat and allow the artist to be in the back seat; however, these are the nineties. Combs continuously profits off the success of the artist and without Combs taking in Biggie within the Bad Boy label he would not be as successful as he is.