The Final Chapter

Life After Death was Biggie’s  second album which became notoriously big selling nearly 700,000 copies in its first week. Two years later, Born Again, an album of unreleased material from Biggie, was released. The third album of extra material, Duets: The Final Chapter, was released in 2005 (Biography).

Today, Biggie Smalls is still one of the music industry’s most admired hip-hop artists. Several musicians have paid tribute to Biggie by mentioning him in their songs, and his musical style has been emulated by countless up-and-coming artists. Undoubtedly, Biggie’s talent as a writer and rapper will continue to be acknowledged for decades to come (Biography). Biggie and Tupac were two legendary icons in not just hip-hop, but for their community. Both were victims of gang related violence which ended both lives abruptly. They were both set up in the East and West Coast beef did not contribute towards the branding of their music, but to increase the tension amongst the labels. The next generation will never know who they were and it is sad to know that.