BGSA Seminar Series

July 1st 2016

Tami Hutto, Program Manager for Emory and Georgia Tech’s BEST program, held an interactive seminar for Biology graduate students at GSU. The BEST program is an NIH-funded program designed to enhance career development and planning among those in the biomedical fields. It helps the user pick right career, helps reduce conflict and improve relationships at work and home.

Picture1.png-1 The Birkman Method is an evidence-based assessment tool to understanding one’s interests and needs, and how they drive your ultimate happiness as well as unleash your stress points.
Each participant filled out an online questionnaire and Tami brought detailed personalized reports for each participant. Picture1.png-2
Picture1.png-6 The participants were given a score for various aspects of their personalities. The scores were calculated based on how the participants responded to the questionnaire. The participants were then grouped based on their score for each personality trait.
Tami explained what each score meant for all the personality traits. It helped participants understand the impact of each trait on their personal and/or professional lives. Picture1.png-4
Picture1.png-9 We had awesome drinks
…and snacks. Picture1.png-8