Joshua Renfroe –
Josh Josh is a Ph.D. student under Dr. George Pierce. After studying analytic philosophy at UCLA, he attended Georgia State University’s School of Public Health to study epidemiology and work as a field research interviewer in an HIV network study. In the MPH program, he worked with community stakeholders and at-risk prisoner communities and established a peer-mentoring program for HIV-positive released prisoners with financial contribution from the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Josh is currently in the Ph.D. program for Applied and Environmental Microbiology at Georgia State University and is working to characterize a flexible recombinant adjuvant vaccine carrier for quick industrial-scale production and distribution. He is currently teaching Critical Thinking Through Writing for Molecular Cell Biology and enjoys working with undergraduates who share passion for problem-solving and commitment to serving communities. Josh and his wife like to travel and spend time in Burma each year.
Courtney Culpepper –
Vice President
Vu Ngo –
Vishakh Walia –
Technical Chair
Vishakh Vishakh is a Ph.D. student and works as a Research Assistant in Dr. Julia Hilliard’s lab. He works in one of the few BSL-4 labs in the country located at Georgia State University (GSU). His research involves developing therapeutics and diagnostics for Herpes B virus infections. He also teaches Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory (BIOL3810) to undergraduates. He earned his M.S. in Microbiology at VIT University, Vellore, India in 2011 and was a Senior Research Fellow at Indian Veterinary Research Institute until 2013. He got his second M.S. in Biology at GSU in 2014. He likes traveling, scuba diving , water sports, kayaking, hiking, motorcycling, trying new restaurants.
Ayisha Mclntyre –
Aneseh Adeshirlarijaney –
Stephanie Bowles –
Heena Sadhwani –
Heena Heena is a Masters student and works as a Research Assistant in Dr. Margo Brinton’s lab. Her research includes characterization of Simian Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (SHFV) mutants and sequence analysis of the virus. She has completed her Bachelors and Masters in Biotechnology from University of Mumbai in the year 2011 and 2013, respectively. Thereafter, she worked as a lecturer in University of Mumbai for Biotechnology. She joined as an intern in Super Religare Laboratories and worked on screening of HLAB allele in HIV positive patients that reacts with an antiviral drug called Abacavir and causes hypersensitivity reactions. She is a trained Indian Classical dancer in a dance form called Kathak. She loves music, outdoor adventures, social activities, adventures like hiking. She likes socializing and exploring new places and trying different cuisines.
Shaligram Sharma-
International Representative
Gabriela Jasso –
Master’s Student Representative