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Happy Hour- March 2017

Guest Lecture – February 2017

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Happy hour- January 2017

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Happy hour- December 2016


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Guest Lecture – October 2016


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October Fest 2016


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AIDSWalk with BGSA, Route Details

Come out and join the Biology Department for the 2016 AIDSWalk at Piedmont Park.

  • No preregistration/payment required.
  • The BGSA team will assemble at “Park Tavern” (500 10th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309) in Piedmont Park at 1:00pm.
  • Walk starts at 2:00pm.
  • We will meet for lunch following the walk at “Mellow Mushroom Midtown”.

Refer to the map for the AIDSWalk route:


The walk start line is on 10th Street between Monroe and Charles Allen to the right of the stage. At the start of the Walk, participants proceed through the start line and out onto 10th Street at approximately 2:00p.m.

From that point the AIDS Walk and 5K Run route is as follows:

  1. Exit the Meadow of Piedmont Park at the pedestrian walkway. (Turn right)
  2. West on 10th Street to Peachtree Street (Turn right)
  3. North on Peachtree Street to 15th Street/Peachtree Circle (Turn right)
  4. North on Peachtree Circle to The Prado (Turn Left)
  5. East and South on The Prado to Piedmont Ave. (Turn right)
  6. Enter Piedmont Park at 14th Street Gate South along the Active Oval, toward the Visitor’s Center (Turn left) 
  7. East along Lake Clara Meer at the base of Oak Hill to the Finish Line

Check Point Locations:

CP 1: Corner of Peachtree Circle & 15th St. (Triangle)

CP 2: The Prado & Inman Circle (Triangle)

CP 3: The Prado & 17 Street (Triangle)

CP 4: Piedmont Park, just inside 14th St. Gate

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September 2016 Happy Hour


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September 2016 Events


AIDS Walk Atlanta with BGSA

BGSA is participating in the 2016 AIDS Walk Atlanta and would like to invite GSU Biology students and faculty to come out and walk on Sunday October 16th at Piedmont Park, which will be followed by lunch in midtown.
If you would like to support BGSA and AIDSWalk Atlanta through a donation, please follow this link to the AIDSWalk Atlanta BGSA webpage: CLICK HERE


All donations go to AIDSWalk Atlanta, which supports the following local organizations:
  • Positive Impact Health Centers
  • Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition
  • Aniz, Inc.
  • Jerusalem House
  • Living Room
  • Open Hand
These organizations are crucial to local efforts to reduce the burden of HIV on our communities. They provide medical treatment, screening services, social support, mental health counseling, meals, and substance abuse treatment to individuals in metro Atlanta. Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition has been a leader in facilitating needle exchange services in endemic areas and continue to advocate for evidence-based practices that make an impact.
The metro-Atlanta region accounts for more than 60% of HIV cases in Georgia, which puts Georgia at number 5 in the nation for new HIV infections. As of 2014, there were about 15,101 persons living with HIV/AIDS in Fulton County. Fulton accounts for about 45% of HIV cases in the metro area and only 73% of HIV-positive individuals in Atlanta metro area who have HIV know it.
Please support BGSA, AID Atlanta, and their partner organizations to help impact our local communities.
Thank you,

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