The Critical Role that Families of Dual Language Learners Play in Supporting their Child’s Education

Dual Language Learners are living in a world where gaining knowledge of multiple languages and multiple cultures happens daily.

Research has demonstrated that including families of Dual Language Learners in their child’s education is invaluable.

Get to know the child and his family in order to paint a more accurate picture of the child’s abilities. Understanding how language is used at home is an important factor in learning about family values.  Does the family only speak the home language? Does the family believe that it will limit the child by not immersing him in the American culture?

Help parents to understand that it is important that their child develop concepts in their home language both in and outside of school and that this development builds a stronger foundation for learning the English language.

This is the first of four posts in a series submitted by Linda Snead-Sanders. Stay tuned for more on dual language learners!

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