PEACH Print Layouts

Have you seen the revised print layouts in PEACH?  A concern for many of Georgia’s Pre-K teachers is amount of paper required to print lesson plans generated in PEACH.  A full week’s worth of lesson plans could take 41 pages to print!

The PEACH developers have been working to reduce that number by adjusting the font sizes and page layouts, and they have been successful!  That same 41-page lesson plan can now be printed in 7 pages.  Much more manageable!

Click the image to view it at full size.

Click the image to view it at full size.

Additionally, the Summary Lesson Plan choice now has an option to include the activity descriptions.  You get the best of the Summary and Detailed Lesson Plan choices: a compact, easy to read lesson plan that includes information on how to complete the activities.

If you haven’t checked out PEACH’s print options lately, then it is time to revisit it.


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