Going Up! – 09.08.15

As predicted, immediately visible progress on the dorm is slowing a bit.  Take a look at the picture that Sarah sent me Friday afternoon.  Since last week, the construction team has added an additional floor to the building.  That is a lot of work, to be sure.  Though, if you were not observant, you might miss it.


This morning, I have snapped two photos.  I took the first one because the situation seemed humorous. Three men were staring down into a hole.  After watching for a moment, I realized they were not just staring, the crane operator had lowered a large slab into the hole and was working to place it properly.


The second photo that I took today was a couple hours after the first one, and it shows just how quickly the building can change.  While I was busy at my computer, the construction team was busy adding more wall slabs to the building, which almost makes the facade of this floor complete.



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