Going Up! – 08.18.15

Finally, we have real, vertical building on the work site!


After the assembly of the large crane in the center of the work site, the crane sat unused for a few days.  Around the middle of last week, semi trucks began arriving and delivering large pillars.  The crane lifted them from the truck beds and to the ground before they were hoisted again and moved into place, with guidance from a couple of crew members on the ground.  I was amazed at how precisely the crane could place the pillars.

Approximately a dozen pillars were placed over the course of a couple of days.  Additionally, a few, large slabs were also brought in and inserted against and between the pillars, forming the outer walls.  I was surprised to see that the slabs include prefabricated brick work.

Because our training season has begun again, I have not been in the office since Friday.  Sarah, my colleague who works in the office next to mine, snapped this picture Monday afternoon.  I was not expecting to see the horizontal surface that has been added to the pillars.  Those were added quickly!

Note: now that I am traveling again, the updates may be less frequent or post on days other than Mondays.  Sarah plans to take a picture for me each Monday and email it to me, and I will post them as soon as I can.


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