Going Up! – 7/13/15

Since last week, there has been a pretty good amount of visible progress at the work site.  Take a look at this photo from Wednesday, July 8:

IMG_4756Wednesday, July 8: I snapped this mid-week photo to capture the large, white vehicle with the long, blue arm.  This is how the construction workers are able to easily fill the maze of holes they dug as part of the building’s foundation.  The yellow cement truck empties its load into the blue-armed vehicle, which pumps the cement across the maze to the correct location.  The pumping vehicle is quite large, and you can see the extra supports that extend from it to keep it steady while the pumping arm is in the air.  The cement trucks arrived like clockwork.  Just as one finished emptying its load and left, another one was arriving on the work site.  I was amazed by the coordination.  The logistics involved is mind boggling.

IMG_4784Monday, July 13: The work site looks deserted in this picture that I took around 11:45AM.  The majority of the workers head to lunch each day around 11:30.  Since Wednesday, when the picture above was taken, most of the foundation maze was filled with cement.  The maze has been extended, as you can see at the bottom, right corner of the photograph.  Along the right side of the work site, you can see where more holes are being dug and prepared for filling with cement.  I anticipate the workers will make a complete perimeter around the site.  The mound of dirt has gotten a bit smaller.  Much of the dirt was moved to the back of the site (top, center of the photograph) to fill in next to the far wall.  I think that once the foundation concrete is finished that the work site will change rapidly.  I can’t wait to see if I am correct!


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