Going Up! – 6/29/15

There has been much progress on the work site this past week.

IMG_4489Click the picture to see it full-sized.

You can see that the hole at the center, left that we have watched since the beginning has been covered.  Through most of last week, the construction team added soil and lots of gravel to the trench that was left around the perimeter of the hole.  Friday afternoon, they added a sheet of black plastic to the top.  Today, they appear to be covering the plastic with a thin layer of concrete.  This project is definitely part of the drainage system for the building, likely a type of retention pond for storm water.

Just below the drainage area is the small, remote controlled machine that I mentioned last week.  My original thought was that its purpose was to pack down the dirt on the site.  After more observation, I concluded that I was wrong.  I am still not completely sure what it does, but I think it may be some sort of scanner, providing the construction team with data about how well the buried structure is sealed.  Perhaps it uses ultra-sound or radar signals to complete its work.

At the far end of the site, the team used the rebar they installed last week as support for the concrete that is forming the wall.  Pretty soon, we probably will lose our view of the Slinky-like mural on the building behind the work site.

Closest to us in the photo, at the bottom, left/center of the photo, is a small maze of trenches.  In the trenches are what appear to be round, concrete foundations with rebar sticking out of the top, which are likely be become foundation pillars.  I look forward to seeing how this section of the work site develops during the next week.



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