Welcome to 75 Piedmont

Because I tend to snap photos often, I assume that everyone else wants to see them.  I’m right, right?  Of course, right!

I am also curious about new places and things.  You’re curious too, right?  Right!

Since you’re curious and want to see all the photos I’ve taken of our new space at 75 Piedmont, I thought I would give you just a small glimpse of what is available for participants who attend training here.

03aIf you read last week’s post, then you saw the picture above of our new, light filled training room.  It is equipped with at least 30 power outlets.  The front wall is covered with projection paint for the dual LCD projectors.  No roll up screens here!  The wall opposite the windows includes a large area of idea paint.  What’s idea paint?  A painted-on white board!  Very cool!

06As you exit the elevator, to your left, you will encounter the Best Practices waiting area, where we have several chairs available to use during breaks.

07The view down the hall between the waiting area and the participants’ break room.  More seating.  The training room is behind the wall on the left.

08Training participants have their own break room, so bring your lunch, or run out to one of the restaurants nearby and bring something back to enjoy.  Even better…that space on the left side of the counter will be filled with a refrigerator for participants, and a microwave will be added soon, too.

We are excited to host our first training sessions soon and hope to see you there!


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