Going Up! – 6/22/15

As I mentioned in my post Friday, I plan to update you on the construction progress about once a week.  Monday seems to be the best day.



Not a lot has changed since Friday.  There is still a lot of moving dirt from one place to another.  The large mound of dirt has moved from the right side of the site to the center.  In today’s picture, you can see that a new hole is being dug near the bottom, left side.  There is a back hoe and a dump truck there.

At center, left you can see the work that was completed late last week to cover the concrete structures that were added to the hole.  I am not completely sure what this is, but because of the drainage culvert at the far end of the area, I think that this may be part of the sewage or drainage system for the building.  It appears that the workers have left the bottom of the area uncovered, and there are holes on each side, waiting for something to be connected to them.

In the same center, left area, look closely, and you will see a small, yellow piece of equipment.  About 10 feet in front of it is a man.  The man has a device in his hands and is controlling the equipment remotely to pack down the dirt.  How cool!  I had not seen anything like that before.

At the far end of the site, you can see the progress that has been made digging a trench and adding rebar forms.  These will very likely be used to support the concrete walls that will come soon.

Check back next Monday to see what exciting changes have occurred!


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