Sticky Fingers at Lenox: Annotated Bib

Whisenhunt, Dan. “Shoplifting at Lenox Lifts Crime Numbers.” N.p., 21 Mar. 2013. Web.

Crime news reporter Dan Whisenhunt, wrote an article entitled “Shoplifting at Lenox lifts crime numbers”, that discusses the effect of Lenox Square crime rates on the rest of Buckhead and also discusses who’s committing these crimes. Whisenhunt writes “Theft from Lenox was one of Buckhead’s biggest crimes in 2012, according to statistics released by the Atlanta Police Department”.

He starts the article by giving a few statistics on the crime rate at Lenox. For example, Whisenhunt states “Buckhead’s police boundary, Zone 2, is Atlanta’s top reporter of property crime, and the Lenox beat had more thefts then any other beat in the zone”. He also states that Carly Dennis the mall’s “spokeswoman” would not go into details about the crime statistics. After discussing the statistics a bit more, he describes the offenders of these crimes. He describes the offenders as “juveniles” with “below average grades” and “strained or nonexistent father relationships”. He also states that most these kids ride the MARTA to the mall and their parents don’t even know they’re there.

I believe this article is quite useful for someone who is looking to find out about the mall’s interior environment as far as having the train station connected to the inside and also how’s its affecting the surrounding area. It is also useful because it highlights other issues such as shoplifting and the stereotypes of the sorts of people that shoplift. Another reason why it may be helpful source because it shows that major commerce areas like Lenox Mall don’t like to share information on these “touchy subjects”.

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