Annotated Bib. #8

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“Have You Spotted A Lost Playing Field?” Kingdom FM & Aiir. The United Kingdom. 19 Feb. 2015.

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In this article, “The Importance of Green Spaces in Improving Health of communities,” advocates and confirms that green spaces are essential in healthy development for communities. Local green spaces offer endless opportunities and provide people with great experiences while doing outdoor recreational activities or socializing interaction. There are various ways that green spaces impacts an environment positively while there are some negative influences due to a lack of green spaces. Having access to green spaces may influence those living in that particular area to be more physically active. According to the report from the UCL institute of Health Equity, having green spaces provide great health benefits such as an improved immune system, better sleep, and can lead to saving money in the future for physical and mental health problems. Also, those who live in deprived areas do not have access to green spaces, and the lack of green spaces can lead to depression. Lastly, this article discusses the importance of allowing the community to decide on what they want in their community, and if their needs have been met, they will use and look after the facilities that are provided. This article was interesting to me by these communities in The United Kingdom get to decide on what will benefit them the most in their community, while here in America if you come from a small town, you don’t get to make those decisions the city board member’s do.