Color Walking

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Color Walking:

The article, “Color Walking,” written by Phia Bennin and Brendan McMullan, is about an experiment that gives the reader a new insight about colors and their environment. In the introduction of this article, the authors tell the reader about how William Burroughs discovered a concept to inspire his students. The idea is pretty simple, just walk outside and pick a color that catches your eye. Once that color catches your eye; start following it and watch your surroundings pop as you watch where it takes you. This experiment can make you look at someone’s hair color, to someone’s shoes, which really makes a person feel more in tune with their environment.

The experiment created by Burroughs is a very easy experiment to test and can be very exviting and fun. The authors shared their personal experience by testing it out in WYNC, in lower Manhattan on a Sunday afternoon. However, they didn’t stick to just one color, they switched colors regularly because it was leading then to other colors. One color that kept leading them other colors was various shades of blue. Also, they state how the experiment left the colors hung in their brains and eyes to leave them with a memory of what they saw.

Lastly, the authors explain in detail how the colors they seen seemingly had a lasting effect on them. Seeing colors and following them can show people things that they never really noticed was in front of them and bring them to new places. This experiment can make people see things and the world in a new perspective. William Burroughs experiment is successful in implementing inspiration and having people see the world from a different perspective in new color.