Built Environment Description Interior: Underground Atlanta

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The Underground Atlanta is a shopping and entertainment district located in the Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. This historic landmark built in 1969 by a group of Atlanta businessman that has undergone various restorations and renovations. Underground Atlanta is rich in history that dates back to the Civil War when the city began to rebuild itself around the railroad tracks. Most of the storefronts in Underground Atlanta date back to the late 19th and 20th centuries. The more I observed this landmark I realized that there is a lot that meets the average eye of what the Underground Atlanta district has to offer. However, I came across many things I didn’t know about the Underground Atlanta district as I began watching, listening, and feeling this environment that surrounded me.


Upon entering Underground Atlanta, the first thing I noticed immediately was how quiet and isolated the upper level was. Once I got on the escalator to go down to the lower level of Alabama Street, I noticed that the food court was packed with local Atlantans and tourists, and that the dark, red brick streets were lined with concrete sidewalks. The atmosphere was very noisy with people coming and going and lounging around in front of the storefronts. As I explored around the Underground Atlanta district more, I saw that there is a variety of storefronts and vendor stalls along the Lower Alabama Street. The scenery of Underground gives you the feeling as if you’re walking on a regular street shopping at a strip mall. Underground Atlanta host various events including musical concerts at many venues and bars. The vibe that the Underground Atlanta District gave off was very a friendly one despite how noisy it was on the far left end for people to enter using the street level escalator.


Overall, the Underground Atlanta district is a friendly and adventurous place to explore that a perfect combination of a mixed atmosphere of shopping and entertainment. I do not think this site targets a particular user, although I mainly saw African- American’s walking around talking and shopping throughout the upper and lower street levels. However, based on the layout of this historic district and the retail and restaurant outlets it has to offer, I would say this area is a great combination of history, entertainment, and shopping and caters to the middle class. This site made me feel welcome, and I would not hesitate to return again soon just to shop and explore the upper level more.

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