This module contains the following five sections:

(1) Summary of Content

(2) PowerpointReminiscence Therapy in Older Adulthood 

(3) Expert Interview (Podcast)  “A Discussion about using Reminiscence Therapy” 

(4) Case Studies and Discussion Questions

(5) Additional Resources  Instructor Notes, Presentation Handouts, and References                                                                           African American Women with Birthday cake







reminiensce man and generationsReminiscence is an evidence based practice that can assist older adults with later life transitions and enhance coping.  Since reminiscing is a naturally occurring experience, this process can be incorporated into various practice settings.  Furthermore, reminiscence can be used individually with older adults, with families, or within a group format.  Typically, reminiscence involves positive experiences that can help older adults cope with challenges of later life by recalling strengths, connections, and joys of the past.  Sometimes, however, painful experiences may also surface which can provide opportunities for repair and closure. 

This module discusses the theoretical foundation for reminiscence therapy, and the variety of ways that it can be used in practice.








Kristen Copes PictureGuest Speaker Biography:

Kristen Copes is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in end-of-life care with older adults.  Ms. Copes will discuss how she has integrated reminiscence in hospice care using life journals and activities that evoke memory using the senses.



Podcast Topic and Location:


reminiscence 2UDK_alzheimer_rutherford_02

“A Discussion about using Reminiscence Therapy”   

In this podcast Ms. Copes, LCSW provides descriptive case examples/stories to illustrate application of reminiscence and tips for getting started.

Podcast can be located within the powerpoint (above)- Slide #8  or by clicking this link :










Instructor Notes –  Instructor Notes Reminiscence Therapy for Older Adults

Presentation Handouts  – Handouts- Reminiscence Therapy for Older Adults

References – References – Reminiscence Therapy for Older Adults

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