Red Brick Brewery- site visit

A member of our team and a couple friends pay a visit to the local brewery! November 11, 2017. 

Located at 2323 Defoor Hills Road, this is the second home to the brewery. Just like the original, and true to the name, we find this building to also be constructed from red brick!

The brewery has a relaxed feel and welcoming environment. Long communal tables are set up to encourage socialization while college football games play on the walls. Amidst the televisions and company decorations, the brewery is also adorned with local artwork. The pleasant environment is further enhanced by a welcoming, knowledgeable staff. Team members are available behind the bar or out on the floor, prepared to answer any and all questions a customer could have. 

*Fun fact- none of the team members had seen the “Weird Coleslaw” Ad until we showed them!


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Red Brick Brewing

Chatting with employees

Greetings From Atlanta

Greetings from Atlanta! Red Brick Brewing company is an Atlanta local just like Manuel’s Tavern. As the first local brewery, the company prides itself on its Atlanta Roots. However, Red Brick has branched out into all of the yellow states on the postcard. Red Brick boasts of itself being the South’s best regional brew. 


‘Works Consulted’

Red Brick Brewing

Red Brick Wikipage 

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Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern and Weird Coleslaw

Welcome to the Weird Coleslaw blog. This site was created by four Georgia State Univserity students: Tristan Benns, Jared Holewinski, Margaret Kuhn, and Ansley Henson.

The purpose of this site is to serve as an unofficial expansion of the Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern project. The focus of this site will be on one ad in particular: the Red Brick Weird Coleslaw ad. This ad can no longer be seen hanging up in Manuel’s Tavern, however, it can be located under artifacts on the Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern website. Please feel free to explore this site for more information pertaining to this ad.