Ethics in design

Typography, where is your font coming from? It is not ethical to use trail/downloaded fonts you did not pay for in a professional setting.

What rules should we follow to be ethical?

Think of what we write from the reader’s point of view.

Reader responsibility

Can be taken advantage of. There is an inherent contrast (or imbalance of power) between the professional and the user/audience/reader. The reader is supposed to be able to trust the author.

  • Contrasts to this: should the reader pay more attention? How much should the reader have to contribute? What information do we sift through as readers?

The question is “should we do this” and not “can we do this”

What are we going to give our clients?

    1. A cover letter – pdf the preferred doc type
      1. Oultines what we did throughout the project
      2. What you did, why you did it
      3. Recommendations with explanations of why
      4. Limitations
      5. How it should be used/relevance/advisement on how to use the content
      6. Rights to use information and ideas
      7. How we gathered research/strategies we used
      8. Situational context/how to use things
        1. How should this be organized?
          1. Paragraphs?
          2. Letterhead?
          3. Standard letter conventions
          4. Outline/subheadings/sections


  • Chronological/process oriented outline


        1. Organized around deliverables? Pdf & doc.x (editable doc)?
  1. Memorandum of understanding? As an appendix
  2. Table of contents
  3. Explanation of tools or links to resources
  4. Deliverables