Using space to create meaning. In relation to Ch.6 & 7 of Writer/Designer.

A side note: No class on election day, 8 November 2016 (Tuesday)

-Relationship between text and image: condensing information in an infographic. Every piece of the infographic should correlate (i.e. words, color, image, whitespace), and should work together to create meaning.

  • Avoid redundancy
  • Be multimodal
  • Be economical (use precise words and the least amount of words that is necessary)
  • Condensed text
  • Key phrases. Sentences aren’t always necessary

Questions to ask yourself:

  • how are you making this image work for you? Does the phrasing make sense?

Want to communicate that parts are of equal weight, visual parallelism?

Size of title, condense title, upstyle vs. downstyle? Depends on context

Segmentation of relevant parts

Spaces need to convey meaning?

Remember accessibility standpoints when utilizing different colors in your content

Numbers are also a great thing to use for infographics

The visual thing that does an “I love you” with an eye, a heart, and a U

Or a 1 + 46 = something, like the priceless commercials?

Arrange things in an unbiased manner