The first article I annotated was Wickman, C. (2014). Wicked Problems in Technical Communication. Journal Of Technical Writing & Communication, 44(1), 23-42. The information and ideas covered in this article were very easy to visualize and synthesize. (1) Problem solving involves rhetorical thinking, and technical writing is rhetorical thinking. (2) Working in interdisciplinary fields or working in a group setting can aide in tackling a wicked problem. (3) Technical writing projects can be beneficial to students in and out of their course work.

The second article I annotated was Sullivan, Patricia (1989). Beyond a Narrow Conception of Usability Testing. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 32(4). The information and ideas covered in this article were not as easy to visualize and synthesize as the ideas in article 1. There was plenty of information covered. (1) Usability sessions are highly important because the end-user is highly important. (2) Methods used in usability testing and the rhetoric overlap. (3) Observation methods are the best methods to test usability.