Digital Built Environment Decription

The digital built environment that I’m describing is te women’s Atlanta Dream. The layout of the site is very blocked and segmented instead of having a feminine touch to it being that it is a women’s basketball team. I believe the NBA tried to equalize the sites by having a neutral color, those colors being the team colors. The website of the Atlanta Dream is very informative instead of commercialized like the men’s basketball team website. It gives information on college players and their dealings in the WNBA. Unlike the Atlanta Hawks website, the Atlanta Dream has lots of drop down menus that stay at the top. On the Hawks’s website these drop down menus travel as you’re scrolling. The word ticket is significantly bigger on the site for the men’s basketball team than for the women’s. This might shed some light on the popularity of the team. In my opinion, the Hawk’s are by far the more popular team in basketball. The Atlanta Dream plays other WNBA teams but they are more in the background supporting and teaching young women of adolescent age. Their goals are to educate about health and wellness, the benefits of education and insipire young women. By the looks of their site it looks like they do a pretty good job of giving back to their community and inspiring the young women around the city. Comparing the men’s and women’s basketball sites in Atlanta really let me know the lack of national popularity for the team but the local pride that it carries.

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